2008 ABRA Lamb Weston Columbia Cup

by Walt Ottenad on Jul.27, 2008, under Boat Racing, Columbia Cup Course, Unlimited Hydroplanes

Once again the U-13 did its best to make the number unlucky, breaking another propellor in the consolation heat and damaging the back end of the boat. This time was not as devastating as Evansville, due to the fact that it had been rebuilt in Detroit and was practically new from the engine bay back.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the first Unlimited ride for Cal Phipps, who had done quite a bit of work on the boat in Detroit and had flown out to (hopefully) get some time in the boat here in Tri Cities. In three laps, he had turned a 151 mph lap, faster than six of the boats that were in the race! The guy’s fast! We nicknamed him “Rubbin Bobby”


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