2009 SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historic Races

by Bob Pengraph on Jul.05, 2009, under Auto Racing, Pacific Raceways, SOVREN, Vintage Racing

  Bob Pengraphs photos of the 2009 Pacific Northwest Historic Races  Bob Pengraph’s photos of the 2009 Pacific Northwest Historic Races.

The Pacific Northwest Historics features many of the world’s rarest and most beautiful pre-1970 race cars. Most have been restored to mint condition and a handful retain the patina earned while racing years ago. This year, more than 250 vintage race cars from all over the West Coast and Canada are expected to participate. Fan favorites include Ferraris, Lotuses, Cobras, Corvettes, Porsches, Austin Healeys and some less recognizable names like Elva, Ginetta, and McLaren; many with impressive racing histories.

Some of the cars are valued at over $1 million, but the high values don’t hold back the owners and drivers – most cars will exceed 100 mph and some over 150 mph during the wheel to wheel competition. The Pacific Raceways circuit is a challenging 2 ¼-mile road course that includes nine turns, a 300 foot elevation drop and a near ¾-mile straightaway.
Spectators are welcome in the paddock area and encouraged to take a close-up look at the cars and visit with the drivers.


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