NW Speedshots welcomes new member: Dan Foard

by Dan Foard on Jul.23, 2009, under Info, Video

We’re pleased to announce that Dan Foard has joined the staff of NW Speedshots. Dan is an Emmy Award winning videographer currently living in Largo, Florida, with regular clients that include ESPN, ESPN Regional Television, Fox Sports Net, Comcast Sports Net, ABC Sports, LDM Worldwide, Focused TV, Wheeler TV, VS (formerly OLN), and Lincoln Financial Group. With more than twenty years in the broadcast industry ranging from the Sky Surfing Pro Tour for ESPN X-Games to World SWAT Competitions on FSN to capturing incredible onboard images for the past three years during the Unlimited Hydroplane races for the American Boat Racing Association (ABRA) on FSN, his love for his craft translates into breathtaking imagery that thrills an audience. Dan brings technical expertise to the art of motorsports videography that very few can match. His ability to “see” the shot and place the camera to get it is unparalleled. Using his natural enthusiasm and curiosity along with a variety of very small video cameras allows us to see things as never before, guaranteeing amazing viewpoints and adding tremendously to our understanding and fascination with the motorsports we cover. Dan will be a tremendous asset on our staff and will help us to utilize our expanding on-board video capabilites to the maximum. Dan will be joining the NHRA Powerade 2009 tour in mid-August as a cameraman for ESPN.

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