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by Walt Ottenad on Oct.14, 2009, under Cooliris, SmugMug

full_screen_smugmug_smallIn our constant quest to make Northwest Speedshots one of the coolest motorsports photography and video destinations on the internet, we’ve added one of the coolest features yet! You can now not only view all of our galleries with the Cooliris browser plugin, but you can also browse  and purchase the high resolution SmugMug images directly from our galleries.  Cooliris allows you to view thousands of images on a continuous “wall” that stretches seemingly into infinity( top image at left), and allows you to “fly” from one end of the gallery to the other in seconds.

The links to the SmugMug galleries will always be located below the mainfull_screen_smugmug_slideshow_small image “wall”. Once you’ve opened the high resolution SmugMug galleries in a new Cooliris window, you can then do many more things: view each image in a MUCH larger format (at right) than is possible in our flash-based Cooliris galleries, or start a slideshow of all images in the gallery. If you maximize your browser window and view in “full screen mode” (hit F11 in Internet Explorer), the effect is stunning!

smugmug_links_small If you see an image you’d like to purchase, click the image to bring up the larger view, then click the “Go to webpage” link (at left) in the bottom right corner to go to that image in SmugMug where you can choose your options and purchase that image. It really couldn’t be any easier! We will generally post a “Best of” gallery featuring what we consider to be the best images of the event, and a “Rest of” gallery containing the remainder.  Feel free to browse and order from either gallery.  Due to licensing restrictions, some event images will not be available for purchase, but still look incredible in the Cooliris browser, so we added them for your enjoyment.  Thanks again for visiting Northwest Speedshots and spread the word – we love what we do and want to share it with the world!

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