Santa! What Are You Doing Here?

by Jeffrey Dahl on Mar.05, 2010, under Jeff's Blog

The morning started out with continental breakfast at the hotel.  After walking across the parking lot and getting the necessary morning “fuel” at Starbucks, it was off to the track.  We arrived by 8 AM.  It felt good to be back in the ritual of getting the equipment ready for the days’ shooting. Once ready, it was off the the infield to find a good shooting location.  I shot there most of the morning.  I felt much more like my old self today and felt I was getting some good images.  Right before lunch I drove to the outside of the track to get some shots from the “photo cages”.  I discovered that the ones I went to were locked so I wasn’t able to shoot there.  So I had to move to a plan B.  I hiked up to the top the grandstand and using the 500mm shot down on the track hoping to get a unique perspective of the cars.

After a lunch break, I went to some “cages” that were unlocked and shot there until the downpour came.  I don’t mind the rain but it was definitely nice to have the luxury of the car close by so I could get out of the weather.  This being Southern California, these guys don’t run in the rain so I headed back to the garage.

You gotta love modern technology.  I was glad my my iPhone alerted me to check in for my flight tomorrow.  “Have to check in for your flight, there’s an app for that”.  The challenge of flying with a lot of gear is making sure you can get a good boarding position for the flight.  It’s important that I am able to carry on my roller bag with the big glass.  The is no way I am going to check that!

Got back to the hotel by about 5 PM. After putting our gear in the room, we headed out to the bar for a few drinks with some old and new friends.  “So Santa walks into a bar…”.  He really he did.  He walked in, sat down, and had a beer.  Must have been checking up on us to see if we where being good.  We eventually got a table and had a good dinner.  Then it was back to the hotel room to download images from the day.  I was pretty tired again. I could barely keep my eyes open to finish downloading images.

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