Heading Home

by Jeffrey Dahl on Mar.07, 2010, under Jeff's Blog

I stepped outside of the hotel this morning to see a new dusting of snow in the mountains.  The forecast for today in the lowlands is for showers.

Arrived at the track a bit later than we did on Saturday.  No sign of rain.  It is high overcast with some blue sky in the distance.  The cool overcast weather actually suits my cameras better than warn sunny conditions.  Heat is the achilles heal of my cameras so I don’t mind these conditions.  The light is better too.  I tried to find some different spots to shoot from today.  It’s nice to get a good variety of shots from the event.

Bob and I needed to leave the event a bit early to catch our flights home, Portland for him, Seattle for me.  I said my goodbyes to some of my new found friends and then it was off to the airport.  I slept on the flight home.  Arrived in Seattle at 9:30 PM, picked up my truck, and headed for home.  It was a great weekend but it sure feels good to be home.  Now the real work begins.

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