Getting Back in Rhythm

by Jeffrey Dahl on Mar.14, 2010, under Jeff's Blog

I slept well last night and woke up before the alarm went off.  That is pretty unusual for me.  I’m a night owl by nature but was pretty tired after the full day of shooting yesterday.  After checking out of the hotel, it was off to Starbucks like yesterday for the morning brew.

It was much easier this morning arriving at the track since I already had our credentials for the weekend.  Also having yesterday’s experience under my belt,  I had at least an idea of where I wanted to shoot for the day.  Since we got to the track pretty early, Bob and walked over by turn 14 to scope out some new shooting locations.  I decided to start my day shooting there.

I shot a few shots at the location we had scouted out but I really wasn’t getting the shots I wanted.  So I worked my way back around turn 14 to where I could capture the cars cresting over a rise and under the foot bridge.  I shot there all morning and got some interesting head on shots and some pans against the green hills.

For the afternoon, I crossed over to the other side of the track at turn 14.  I am always very cautious when crossing a track, even when it is “cold” (no cars on the track).  I waited for the corner worker to show up and asked permission to cross.  He said, “come on over”.  It is very important that I get an “ok” from a course worker before crossing since they know what is going on on the track (they are in radio contact).  Better safe than sorry.  I shot all afternoon in the field between turns 14 and 8.  The lighting was really good and I think I got a lot of good images.

After the last race was finished, we packed up the car and started heading north towards home.  It feels good to be getting back in the rhythm of shooting again.

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