Back to Seattle

by Jeffrey Dahl on Mar.15, 2010, under Jeff's Blog

Our original plan was to leave the track after the race on Sunday and drive all the way back to Portland. That was probably a little bit too optimistic (even though I had it easy since Bob was doing the driving!). We made it as far as Medford last night and checked into the cheapest hotel we could find (a motel 6). I was able to go through a few images but since my master Lightroom catalog is on my desktop at home, it was only to just review them and to see what I had captured at the event. Fortunately I have a bit of time when I get home to go though them all.

We arrived at Bob apartment in the early afternoon. I transferred my gear to my truck, got on the freeway, and headed for home. I arrive home in the early evening happy to see Noreen and all our animals. Tomorrow the real work begins once again.

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