Details, Details

by Jeffrey Dahl on Mar.18, 2010, under Jeff's Blog

I started going through the images on Tuesday evening. I’m not able to work on the images during the day since I have work at my “day job” and that is my first priority. That is why sometimes it takes a week or two to get my galleries up on all the sites. It can be frustrating but that is just the reality right now.

I first wanted to get a DVD together for submittal to Victory Lane magazine. I haven’t yet submitted images from the first two events of the year so I figured I would do it all at once and get it sent off to them before leaving for the coast this weekend. Victory Lanes likes shots with multiple cars in them. For cover shots, they want vertical format images. I’m trying to get better at these type of shots. I’ll get the DVD sent off in the morning before we head out.

I also got an image of myself sent off to HMSA so that they can make my credentials (hard card) for using at their events this year. I signed the waiver at Thunderhill, so they just needed an image to finish it up. I should get it by the time I get back next week.

Before heading off to bed, I made flight reservations for the HMSA event at Laguna Seca for the third weekend in April and rental car reservations for the event at the beginning of April at Infineon. So much to do, so little time.

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