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While we always want you to stay as long as you like and browse every gallery, we realize that your time is limited and you may want to streamline the process and pop in only when you know a new gallery has been posted. To help out with that goal, we have instituted an RSS (Really Simple Subscription) feed that delivers updates to your desktop with very little interaction on your part. Any time you see the RSS icon:

Northwest Speedshots RSS feed...

you can click on it to add the feed to your RSS reader.

RSS readers are now an integral part of the Windows Sideshow in the new Windows Vista operating system and numerous RSS readers can be downloaded for just about any other operating system or browser you may be using. The advantage of activating your RSS gadget or downloading an RSS reader is that you can set it up once, then automatically be notified of changes to any site you may visit that contains an RSS feed! Way Cool!

If you're using a new PC with Windows Vista installed, it's easy as activating the desktop "Windows Sidebar " and choosing the "Feed Headlines" icon.

a larger view...

Click here to activate our RSS feed, then give the gadget an update schedule (we recommend daily, but that's up to you). That's it - you're now subscribed and will know when one of our staff of photographers has something new to show you.

To download and install an RSS reader for other operating systems, a good place to start is here. Once your reader is installed, click here to view our RSS feed:

Example in
AWASU 2.3:

Click for a larger screenshot...

Your RSS reader will allow you to subscribe to any number of different feeds, allowing you to maximize the time you spend online.

Thanks for your support and spread the word about Northwest Speedshots - we love what we do and want to share it with the world...

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