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Walt Ottenad of Northwest Speedshots/Advanced Digital Concepts is a dealer for one of the most innovative and affordable in-vehicle recording systems ever invented - the ChaseCam. This very cool camera/digital video recorder runs on 12 volts, records to Compact Flash memory cards (up to 4 hours on 4G card!), and with no moving parts, allows stunning on-board video without having to worry about destroying your recorder through vibration or impact. It also functions as an on-board diagnostic tool of unprecedented capabilities - mount it on one of the many mounts available (magnetic, suction, bar clamps, etc.) and point it at your suspension, motor, rudder, driveline etc. and find out EXACTLY what your vehicle is doing while you're too busy driving! Mount it on your helmet for unbelievable race footage! The possibilities are limitless...

To find out more about the ChaseCam, call Walt at 253-297-4570.

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